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Contact Us

  • For information about the Citizens' Circle for Accountability and what citizens and elected representatives can do to achieve public accountability please contact:

Henry McCandless, CCA General Convenor
Email: henrymccandless@accountabilitycircle.org
Phone: 250-370-5954
Fax: 250-370-5958
Address: 877 Newport Ave, Victoria, BC, Canada, V8S 5C8

Henry E. McCandless, MBA,CA has expert professional knowledge in public accountability. In his professional auditing career serving public accountability relationships, he has written on the issue in professional and public sector journals and in newspaper op-eds, and lectured on accountability in university graduate schools.

Following university teaching, his long experience as a Principal in the Office of the Auditor General of Canada helped him to develop basic principles and public accounting standards for executive governments and governing bodies of organizations. These are set out in his 2002 book, A Citizen’s Guide to Public Accountability: Changing the Relationship Between Citizens and Authorities, Foreword by Dr. Ursula Franklin.

In 2006 he was an expert witness for the committees of the House of Commons and Senate of Canada examining the government’s Bill for its wrongly-named Federal Accountability Act. To offset legislators’ limitations in holding to account effectively, he is currently working to develop the capacity of citizens themselves to hold authorities fairly and publicly to account.

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